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I’m blown away!

I’m blown away by the effects that I’m getting from treatment at Townsville’s new Hyperbaric Cryo & Altitude Training/Therapy Centre. They have been treating my recurring knee injury with Cryo ... like icing on steroids💨❄️ followed by an hour in their hyperbaric chamber. This week I asked them to also treat my persistent lower back pain. So, they stepped it up a notch and gave me shock wave treatment, from the soles of my feet all the way up to mid-body .... WOW!! This gets down into the deep muscles that massage and other treatments don’t reach. I’ve had lower back pain for over 40 years!! And I don’t remember ever being totally pain free in that time, despite many forms of treatment that have, at best, relieved the pain. Today is the 5th day since the shock wave therapy and still no lower back pain!!... I can’t believe it and scared I’ll wake up and find I was dreaming. My exercise physiologist is also amazed at how much looser my back, hammies and glutes are, since seeing her the week before this treatment👍 I have no idea how long the effects will last but, with such a long term back problem, I know more treatment is needed. So I’ve booked in for another session this week, hoping to boost the repair/healing process on my knee and back. If you’re stiff, sore or injured ... go see Jude or Dan at Hyperbaric Cryo & Altitude Training/Therapy Centre👍

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WOW!! Such an effective fix!!!

WOW!! Such an effective fix!!! I had a minor pec tear treated and knot in the ankle/calf. After cryo and massage gun my bad side became my good side and was able to get back into training and an increase in range and function in the ankle. Looking forward to utilising the altitude training services available as well!

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Amazing, Amazing, Amazing...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing... after having a session of Cryo and Shock wave treatment I have had my first nights sleep in a week without the pain of pins & needles and numbness in my arm and hand. 😊

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Still feel no pain!

Thanks Jude for the cryotherapy and shockwave treatment on my extremely pesky wrist and calves, the relief was instant and still feel no pain. I totally recommend

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Two time National motorcross champion!!

This place is awesome both Dan & Jude will do all they can to get you back to where you need to be. Thanks heaps guy

This could be you

Two time National motorcross champion!

This place is awesome both Dan & Jude will do all they can to get you back to where you need to be. Thanks heaps guys

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Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in providing innovative driven services to repair, recover and rejuvenate the human body. We not only believe our unique approach can not only assist in restoring ones health, enhance their physiology and improve their wellness but also be used as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of injury and other health and wellbeing issues…

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